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21 November 2018

What We Do | Connecting the Planet

Why Choose Us | Innovation, Quality, Service

National Coverage | Installation, Deployment, Support

More About CaTECH | End-to-End Infrastructure Solutions

CaTECH Systems is one of Canada’s largest network infrastructure providers. With offices and service locations across the country, and represented by hundreds of professional, certified staff and service delivery partners, CaTECH Systems offers a wide range of products and services including Data Centres, Networking, Converged Media & AV, Business Telephony, Security and Electrical, all bundled with national coverage and 24/7/365 support.

25 Years of Innovation | Since 1989

Over the past 25 years, CaTECH has built a strong reputation for developing innovative strategies and customized, end-to-end infrastructure solutions for its customers, while achieving the highest standards in quality and service. From Data Centres, Networking and Converged Media & AV to Business Telephony, Security and Electrical, small, medium and Fortune 100 companies rely on CaTECH Systems’ solid reputation for innovation, quality and service to build and maintain the communication backbone of their business.