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20 October 2018

Video Surveillance

Professional video over IP systems use some existing standard video codec to reduce the program material to a bitstream (e.g., an MPEG transport stream), and then use an Internet Protocol (IP) network to carry that bitstream encapsulated in a stream of IP packets. This is typically accomplished using some variant of the RTP protocol.

Carrying professional video over IP networks has special challenges compared to most non-time-critical IP traffic. Many of these problems are similar to those encountered in voice over IP, but to a much higher level of engineering requirements. In particular, there are very strict quality of service requirements which must be fulfilled for use in professional broadcast environments.

Wireless IP Video Advantages

  • Access remotely
  • Camera functions via single network cable
  • Enhanced mobility, productivity and efficiency
  • Fewer communication, access and installation fees
  • Wireless camera operation
  • Multiple user access of the internet connection from different devices
  • Authorized access to live and recorded images from any connected location
  • Enables easy access to data over the internet

CaTECH Systems offers the industry's best security cameras and video surveillance systems, including fixed and dome analog cameras, IP cameras, Digital Video Recorders (DVR), video management solutions and specialty thermal imaging camera systems designed for low-light, indoor and outdoor video surveillance operations.

No matter what your surveillance needs, CaTECH has you covered, 24/7/365, coast to coast, so give us a call today!

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