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20 October 2018


Are you planning to implement a wireless network (or have you already implemented one)?

The use of wireless networks is growing at an unprecedented rate, thus increasing mobility, productivity and flexibility in all business sectors. With today's technology, wireless networks really do deliver the results and performance today's businesses need and demand. There are, however, many points to consider when deploying a wireless network, including security and applications that might depend on the infrastructure and coverage.

Sometimes wireless is more productive

As we start to run mission critical data, it becomes even more important to understand if other wireless systems will be competing for wireless space, as this can cause intermittent or even unreliable access.

CaTECH's Wireless Systems Engineers have assisted many organizations in overcoming challenges within their existing wireless networks. By providing a full analysis of the issues, we are able to build a migration plan that will scale your network as business requirements demand.

In today's world, wireless integration impacts most businesses, so CaTECH has invested heavily in its people, its products and its solutions. We provide "best in class" solutions with implementation that enables maximum availability as well as maximum security to ensure that others are not seeing your data.

Call us today to discuss your wireless needs!

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