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20 October 2018

Structured Cabling

The foundation of every high performance network is built on a solid network infrastructure. Cabling is a key component of that infrastructure. However, cabling is often dismissed in the early stages of network planning because it's not something that's visible once the infrastructure is complete. In fact, industry statistics claim that over half of all network outages are caused at the physical layer, potentially due to sub-standard or improper cabling.

Great networks start with great foundations

CaTECH provides industry-leading structured cabling systems and solutions. We are global leaders in the marketplace and we ensure your network uptime is not compromised by a faulty installation or the use of improper products for your application. And we guarantee this by backing all our structured cabling systems with a lifetime warranty.

CaTECH's solutions engineers, sales specialists and delivery specialists will work with you to assess your infrastructure requirements and provide cost-effective solutions that will not only meet even the most application-rich environment, but will also adapt to your business as you demand more from your network.

Call us today to discuss your structured cabling needs!

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