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20 October 2018

Distributed Audio

speaker picOur Multi-Source Audio Systems allow you to enjoy the music of your choice throughout every room in your facility. Listen to Bach in the boardroom while clients listen to their iPod in the hospitality room.

CaTECH gives you the freedom to listen to whatever you want, wherever you want!

Sonos plays it all… music from a personal library stored on your computer or more than 100,000 free radio stations to shows and podcasts on the internet.

sonos picPlay a classical album from your music library in the conference room; listen to a local radio station in your private office; or use an online music service to create a custom radio station to play in your lobby.

Whatever you’re into pop, rock, rap or country, interviews or instrumental, CaTECH gives you instant and endless music gratification. If you have a hard drive already filled with digital music or a CD collection just begging to be digitized, you’re in luck because Sonos liberates all that music so you can enjoy it in every room. Sonos supports all the most popular audio formats, including MP3s and iTunes, and makes it easy to play music from other audio sources as well, like an iPod or a CD player.

Have questions? Contact our Multi-Room Audio Experts today!