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20 October 2018

Control Systems & Automation

boardroom picWhether you need to control an AV presentation, hold a video conference internationally or update your digital signage, CaTECH Systems has a control system to keep you connected.

You can monitor your enterprise to increase sustainability by tracking your carbon footprint, allowing you to see where you use onsite energy and how you can continue to reduce your energy costs. You can add room sensors and set presets for window shades to control daylight harvesting and only use lights as they are needed. You can book an available conference room that has the technology and space you need directly from Outlook or through your web browser.

There are no limitations to keeping your organization on the cutting edge, increasing your efficiency and lowering your costs.

ipad picWith our technology, the days of using multiple remotes are over! Take control of everything with just a one button press on a sleek CaTECH-Crestron touch panel, designer-engraved keypad or your iPad, iPhone® or iPod® touch. You can select a video, play music, dim your lights, lower your window shades, adjust the temperature and even check on your alarm system, all with the touch of just one button. With CaTECH's control systems and automation solutions, the comfort and convenience of an ultimate technology lifestyle can be yours.

At Play

Add the Crestron control app to your mobile devices, iPhone, iPad laptop or MacBook and show off to your friends all that you can do from the golf course or even the beach. Flaunt the awesome Crestron sound system you just installed in your yacht. Notice how the museum you went to this weekend has the same touch panel on the wall that you have in your house. Everywhere you are, whatever you need, with CaTECH, you're connected.

Dim the lights, close the drapes, ramp the A/C up a notch, lower the movie screen and raise the volume. These are just some of the things you can do at the touch of a button on an CaTECH-ELAN touch panel.

Enjoy the widest, award-winning selection of attractive home controls that fit your lifestyle and budget. Choose from in-wall, tabletop, under-cabinet or wireless. We're sure there's  an intuitive, decor-matching option that will suit you to a tee.

ELAN systems- CaTECH Systems integrate seamlessly with some of the world's finest lighting, security and climate control systems. You can also enjoy the convenience of controlling pool and spa settings, motorized draperies and window treatments, drop-down screens and projector lifts, and a whole lot more. Most ELAN-CaTECH touch panels can even be used to monitor security cameras or as small TVs. All can be customized to reflect your tastes and needs.

From easy one-touch access of all your home entertainment, to controlling lights, climate, security, home theater and more , CaTECH Systems has a simple, elegant way to do it all from any room.

CaTECH Home Control. Simple and elegant.

  • Control home entertainment, lighting, temperature, security and more.
  • Customize each screen to suit your needs.
  • Choose from multiple styles and decor-matching colours.